An important focus of an Financial Adviser is to help you identify the risks that you or your business may be exposed to at any given time.

Our Approach is to work with you on a Financial Needs Analysis to establish what the risks are, which you should be insured against.

If you agree, we will provide a few options to discuss, ultimately assisting in your decision to obtain the most appropriate policy to meet your needs, not forgetting your budget.

Once you have agreed on an appropriate solution, we will then draw up the necessary proposal and lodge it with the chosen Insurance Company.

Please remember that all insurance proposals are subject to assessment taking into consideration your health, occupation and financial position.

We will keep you informed throughout this process and assist where possible to obtain the desired result.

We contact our clients on an annual basis and touch base throughout the year to ensure that your Insurance cover meets with your needs and circumstances. It is important not to take for granted that the policy initially put in place will still be appropriate for years to come.

Competitive Insurance Companies that we are affiliated with:

  • Partnerslife
  • Tower
  • Onepath
  • Asteron
  • Fidelity
  • Sovereign
  • AIA
  • AMP
  • NIB
  • AON

If there is ever any claim on the policy, we will assist you through the claims process. You can call Warren Butler Insurance Limited directly for assistance with your claim at 0800 126 837.

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